What is your price range?

Suits start around $299 to $399. Shirts start at $49 to $69. Blazers are two-thirds the price of a suit, and pants run about one-third the price of a suit. Because of the silk facing, Tuxedos are $100 to $200 more than a suit. Topcoats are the same price as Suits.

What can you do for me that a regular store doesn't offer?

A retail store carries a standard inventory, and that's all they can offer you. Whenever you buy from a retail outlet, you are always buying 'off the rack'. Here at The Suit Sai Fashion, everything is custom tailored. This is our only business. It's how we can create fully custom made suits, shirts, pants and coats in the exact style and fabric of your choice. In addition, we offer you the following premium features at no extra charge.

Hand-embroidered initials or your full name inside the jacket
Hand-picked and matched linings and buttons
Fully canvassed jackets
Functional button holes on sleeves
Inside arm shields
Hand-cut, hand turned collars
Generous tails

Why should I choose you?

Glad you asked. It's true, there are other companies. Our point of difference is how we take care of our customers. It shows in the craftsmanship details, the way we respond to requests, and ultimately in the value of each garment that bears the The Suit Sai Fashion name.

Can I schedule an on-site visit with your Master Tailor in my home or office?

Certainly. If you, your friends, colleagues, and/or family members are interested in custom tailored clothing, we will be happy to make the arrangements.

Can I speak to someone in management?

Of course! We can be reached at out Bangkok office at +66(8) 168 998 892 (krishna) from 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM Monday - Saturday.

Can I use different kinds of fabrics?

Of course! You may choose any fabric we offer. We stock well over 600 fabrics, all of which come with high thread counts for rich texture and feel. We have put only a few samples up here on our site, but we encourage you to browse through the fabrics we've posted. Then, if you don't find the exact fabric you're looking for, simply send us an e-mail with the description, or a photograph from a catalog or magazine. We'll try to find the perfect match for you (and we can even send you a swatch!)

Do your shirts come with removable or permanent stays?

Our Shirts come with removable stays, but you could specify permanent stays in the details.

Is it possible for you to duplicate the fit of a favorite shirt, suit, pants or dress in my wardrobe?

Absolutely. Just send us your sample with your order. We'll be glad to incorporate any changes you might want, then return the sample you sent, along with your new The Suit Sai Fashion clothing.

Do I need to worry about shrinkage?

No, all our fabrics are pre-shrunk.

Can I order white collars and/or cuffs?

Yes. At no extra charge, of course.

Do I need a tailor to take my measurements for online order?

No. You can use our Measurement Guide to take your measurement with the help of a friend. Itís a very easy process and it only takes 10 minutes.

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